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Posted February 12, 2017 @ 3:47 pm

The method and procedure of hiring a private and professional Process Server is SIMPLE and FAST.

If you are reading this blog there is a good chance you need assistance with planning how you go about hiring a process server in Bonita Springs. Well, the process is quite easy. If you are not seeking information about process services in Bonita Springs and are just curious about this blog, our process services or are seeking ideas, we welcome you to read our previous blogs for some really great insights, information and news!

OK, back to finding out about how to hire a process server in Bonita Springs. The procedure is simple. Here's what you need prior to calling and emailing about your service.

First, please be advised, the most efficient way of planning to hire a Process Server in Bonita Springs is to be able to scan and email you documents, NOT mail them!

How to prepare for activating your service.

1. Know the deadline i.e. timing requirements, for when your service of process must be completed by.

2. Make sure you have the exact zip code of the address where your service of process is going to take place.

3. Count the number of pages you have. The page count is also known as the "service packet" and or "papers for the defendant / respondent and or the "documents for service."

4. Be prepared to pay for anticipated services by credit card as prepayment is required before we can activate your service!

Be advised fees are usually dictated by the zip code and your required completion date. Therefore, we have established a flat fee for services to be performed within most zip codes throughout the United States.

Your timing is especially important as the faster your deadline is, the higher the fee. For example, most of our routine service requests; that is, services that can be handled with a week to ten days are flat fee based between 95.00 and 125.00. If you require service within 3-5 days the service fee is about 50.00-75.00 more expensive and if require expedited services within a very short period of time, perhaps in a day or two the fee can be up to double the routine fee or more.

The fee you pay us to handle you service is for up to three attempts at one address and a notarized affidavit / proof of service upon completion of the service. While your service is active you can call or email us for updates! Or, we can set up a simple account whereby you can receive automated email notifications each time there is a change in status of your service.

It's really that easy. Again. You send us the documents by email, pay by credit on line or via telephone and you service will become active. We print out all documents and assign your service to one of our Process Servers who is best fitted with your needs and is most familiar with the location where service is to take place.

Here at the A.C.E., Inc. Process Serving Company in or near Bonita Springs we take care of business for you. Your service will be handled properly and with care. So, when you need assistance anywhere in Bonita Springs, A.C.E. is the place where we put the "Pro" in the Process and the best "serve" in the process service business!

Please call, 888-406-6517 or email us at for a quick and fee quote!

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